This is a remarkable ecommerce site specializing in beer books, as well as old beer photos, art, and wearables. (Where else are you going to find a pair of Guinness bedroom slippers?)
This is the be-all and end-all of beer sites. If you want to know something beer that isn’t found here, it probably doesn’t exist.

“You are not worthy.” Pure and simple: these guys are listed for the in-your-face attitude of Arrogant Bastard Ale. It’s doubtful that any other product in the history marketing has made such a condescending, alienating pitch for its own snob appeal. And the beer delivers on its promise. The hops heads at Stone also offer other, less arrogant brews—including a mighty nice IPA. And word of mouth has it, the new restaurant on site at the Escondido brewery is rockin’ good.

No, it’s not beer. It’s wine. But wine rant meister Jeff Burns has an attitude we like. If you’re feeling grape-ish, sidle on over.

What’s better with beer than a good pizza? And the guys at Pizza Port have a pretty good handle on both brewing and slinging the pies. Additionally, they have festivals celebrating strong ale, real ale, and other arcane brewing niches.
Speaking of pizza, here’s the Short Busty Brew Blog’s sister site. Short has splintered off with a series of pizza posts for the pie fancier in you.
She’s not quite as busty as Busty, but she sure has a way with the wild & wooly world of advertising. Check out the stuff. (Especially the spec spot for Jagermeister.)

For some reason, we just like the sound of this guy’s voice.