Q: What’s up with the name,
“Short & Busty?”

A: One partner is short. The other is busty. (Sorry to be so oblique.)

Q: I drove all night looking for
Short & Busty Brew and came up
empty. Where can I purchase
Short & Busty beer?

A: You can’t. Short & Busty brew is not yet available for sale. In the meantime, we’re glad we could save you from drinking and driving.

Q: Why do you have a website for a beer no one can drink?
And if enough folks support us by purchasing the gear…

Q: So, until you’ve got venture capital, how do I get invited to a tasting?
A: Kiss up to the partners. (Bend your knees when kissing up to Short.
He’s just a bit sensitive.)

Q: Which Short & Busty t-shirt would you recommend for my dog,
Fritzy? (She’s a Cockapoo.)

A: While any Short & Busty t-shirt will make Fritzy style like a top dog,
we recommend the But Wheat. Most bitches love a Little Rascals reference.

Q: What is the capital of Mongolia?
A: Ulaanbaatar. Duh.