The Short & Busty Fabulous Free Excuse Generator  

You were just going for a shallow dive. One beer with a good friend, then right on home.

But it didn’t quite work out that way.

The shallow dive became a swim in the deep end. Now you need an excuse. Never fear. Short & Busty Brewing is here to help.

By answering just a few questions and making some simple selections, you create your very own, very custom, very free Short & Busty Drinker’s Excuse.

First, answer these simple questions…

a) Name of loved one waiting for you

b) Your pet name for your loved one

c) Loved one's relationship to you

d) How many hours late are you?

e) How much money did you spend on beer? $

Now these simple selections from the pull-down menus...

1) Select the type of beer you were drinking:

2) Select a person who might have needed your help:

3) Select a villain:

4) Select a seedy location:

5) Select a charitable cause:

6) Select a peace offering: