The Short & Busty Story  

Once upon a time, there was a short guy and a busty gal. They had a mutual appreciation for (among other things) good beer. One day, the short guy brought hops and malt and grains and yeast to the relationship. He shared with her the magic of making real ale. She brought her finesse with graphic design and a love of bottle caps. Short & Busty Brewing was born.

Inter-Faith Holiday Ale was the first of the Short & Busty stable. Each holiday season, this traditional brown ale is shipped out to the far reaches of this land. In the wake of Inter-Faith Holiday Ale, other brews have followed. And several cases of Kiss-My-Kilt Wedding Ale followed the brewers all the way to the great city of New Orleans for toasting their subsequent nuptials.

With the help of an appreciative (and occasionally inebriated) fan base, Short & Busty Brewing has blossomed into a full fledged labor of love. Short & Busty is currently available only at private tastings and during holidays for a privileged few.

The opportunity to foist upon the world at large what is quite possibly the best-named beer ever depends on you. Generate enough interest in this site, and help pimp Short & Busty Beer Gear, and you help fuel the infusion of the capital required to bring actual cold, frosty Short & Busty ales to the people.

Lord help us all.